Services and Fees

Individual Teletherapy

We will meet once per week for 50 minutes.  In the first session, I will ask a lot of questions in order to make an assessment.  I want to know your family history, mental health history, current stressors, hobbies/interests, and social network.  Things will be less formal in later sessions but I believe structure is important at the beginning of therapy.  In future sessions I let you direct where we go and only make interpretations when indicated.  I recommend meeting weekly until you have reached a level of well-being where you may need less help.  We can move to biweekly sessions and then prepare to end treatment.

Fee:  $180 per 50 minutes

 Couples Teletherapy

We meet once a week as a couple for 75 minutes.  I will meet with you and your partner individually in future sessions as part of my assessment process.  As with individual teletherapy, I will provide high structure at the beginning of treatment and then hand over more control to the couple as treatment progresses.  We will have rules for fighting and verbal or emotional abuse will not be tolerated.  We will meet weekly until the couple states they need less support.  Sessions can be spread out to biweekly as part of the termination process.

Fee:  $225 per 75 minutes

*Kids are expensive!  Sliding scale options are available.