New parenthood is a huge transition for a couple.  

Our partners are a crucial piece of the support system that helps us carry on.  With them, we are willing to go through it all: raise a loving family, build a home, and grow old.

But sometimes, what started as a beautiful partnership with dreams and goals for the future, may turn into a source of distress and unhappiness.

Perhaps you have changed, grown apart, and can’t seem to find a way to talk or listen to one another.  You may have constant heated arguments about the tiniest thing or experience a big life transition that throws you off balance.

Maybe you are struggling to handle everything: parenthood, household, careers—which might take a toll on the relationship.  Or you may have unhealed wounds that keep reopening and stirring things up.

You love each other, but it feels like that’s not enough.  You may blame yourself or your partner and hit a wall, thinking there’s no hope.

But there is.

If you are looking to reconnect with your loved one, navigate painful conflicts like infidelity or separation, or get to know each other on a deeper level, I can help.

What Is Couple Therapy?

Couple therapy is also known as couples counseling.  It’s a form of psychotherapy that addresses challenges faced by couples and other romantic relationships.

Your therapist will meet with both you and your partner to hear your concerns and prepare a plan tailored to your specific situation.  This process involves identifying and changing unhealthy patterns, exploring past trauma that may be interfering with the relationship, and engaging in honest conversations—all within a third-party space.

For example, you may have communication issues stemming from a lack of trust.  Your therapist can support you to uncover why trust has been lost and reestablish that safety to build a foundation for better interactions.

Some of the benefits of couple therapy include:

  • Discovering new insights about yourself and your partner
  • Safely sharing thoughts and feelings with one another
  • Pinpointing and navigating conflicts
  • Exploring underlying issues and deeper pain
  • Strengthening your bond and connection
  • Rebuilding trust and safety
  • Learning healthier communication skills
  • Making difficult decisions together

Do We Need Couple Therapy?

Each relationship faces a unique set of challenges according to its journey.  

Experiencing issues around intimacy, communication, trust, and other problems is quite common.  But it does not determine the end of the partnership.  Perhaps it only means you need to realign and rebalance to get in touch with what brought you together.

Some of the issues addressed in couple therapy include:

  • Persistent fighting or arguing
  • Breach of trust, lying, or cheating
  • Difficulty communicating or understanding each other
  • Intimacy or sex problems
  • Job or career stressors
  • Trouble with kids, extended family, and friends
  • Significant life transitions or events (e.g., moving, loss)
  • Abuse or violence

If you are not facing any of these problems but still feel like something is off, therapy is an excellent option to start digging deeper. 

How Can Couple Therapy Help Us?

Couple therapy allows you and your partner to come together and open up about your needs, wants, and goals.  Your therapist will help you reconnect and improve your emotional and physical intimacy so that you feel closer to each other.

Therapy also provides a safe environment to have tough conversations about what hurts you or makes you feel unsafe.  You can recover trust, regain stability, and establish clear boundaries and expectations moving forward.  

As treatment progresses, you will learn practical strategies to express your emotions, listen with intention, and manage challenges when they arise.