New Parenthood is tough



I partner with expecting and new parents to embrace the joys and sorrows of parenthood without feeling abandoned and alone.

My clients struggle as you do.  Despite being highly competent professionals, knowledgeable about pregnancy, birth, and infancy, and excited about their new journey,

things are piling up and life is getting tough. 

When they first come in they can barely keep their eyes open because they had two hours of solid sleep the night before.  They feel broken and like the lack of sleep will never end.

They go to work and then come home without getting a chance to decompress.  They spend all day at home with their babies and feel depleted.

They miss their partners and the before-baby times.  They start to feel regret about starting a family.

Parenthood gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways.  They aren’t the kind of new parents they want to be.  They feel like they are failing at parenthood.  And their confidence in being a good parents is tanking.

Before they came to see me, they thought nobody would understand.  They worried they would be judged and blamed.  And they were pretty certain they didn’t belong in therapy because they didn’t have “real” problems.  They believe they need to figure this out on their own.

Like my clients, you deserve help without feeling guilty for asking.